Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tool # 4

Google Apps is a good way to share schedules, newsletters and any information pertaining to the grade level. A team member could type up and schedule and then share with others without having to email or save onto a USB. Google apps may be difficult to incorporate into my classroom with pre-k students but it might be a good way to communicate with parents who have access to email. There is a drawing tool in the Google Apps that I would like to try and use with my students. That would be a way that I could incorporate an app into my classroom.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool # 3

The site that was most useful to me was youtube. I found a videos with songs that I can use in my classroom. They can be used as a visual when singing songs throughout the day.

I can use these as visuals when we sing during circle time!

I didn't know that copyright lasted forever and in the beginning was 14 years. I also learned that fair use is only a legal defense and not a right.

I created a Dropbox account. I would love to use this in the classroom by putting documents or things that I am working on and be able to send them to a home computer. I like that there is no need for a USB drive.

Tool # 2

I think the idea of a PLN is great. It is a wonderful way to connect with other teachers. The commenting advice was something new for me. I liked the one that talked about how as a blogger you should reply to comments and interact with the readers. Commenting is difficult for me though. Putting out my ideas for everyone to see makes me feel a little uneasy so it will take some getting used to. While browsing through some blogs I came upon someone commenting about Dr. Jean so I immediately went to find her blog. I was so excited about finding her blog and being able to follow it.