Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tool # 8

I have ipods and netbooks in my classroom. From watching the videos I learned how to set up an itunes account without having to use a credit card account. I also learned little more about the netbooks and what connections it has. I know what kind of the apps I can use on the ipods. Since I am in a prekindergarten classroom I plan to be the one taking them out and setting them up. Once I teach students how to use them and the correct way to handle them then students will be able to help. Towards mid year I plan to have students in charge of shutting them down and pick them up, getting them ready to be charged.

Tool # 7

The objective of this interaction would be to communicate with another classroom to ask questions and learn more about other communities. I plan to implement this during our science and social studies times. I plan to communicate through the epals website. I plan to use this website to interact with others from other parts of the world to learn about different homes, environment and community. We can ask question and communicate with the teachers being the facilitators. The classrooms would also be communicating during science and/or social studies times.