Monday, July 1, 2013

Tool # 11

My favorite tool was learning about the technology that I have in the classroom and all the apps that I am able to add to the ipods! One of the tools that I will be using in the classroom is ANIMOTO I like how I am able to make videos for my students to view and by the end of the year I hope to get some of my students making their own videos. Yes I will be making changes in my classroom to make sure students use technology appropriately and get the most out of it. Something that surprised me about doing all this is that there are a lot of resources out there that I am not taking advantage of and a lot of them are FREE!

Tool # 10

I want my students to understand that online safety is important. They should not just "click" on anything they should know what they are doing. Also I want them to know that not all websites are appropriate and there is a reason some websites are blocked. I liked the Netsmartzkids website. They had videos that I could show students to explain about internet safety. I could explain digital citizenship to young children as a way for us to be responsible while online. Like using there manners and following rules in the classroom.

Tool # 9

It is important to have an objective with technology because it is easier to assess what students have accomplished and as a teacher you have a goal on what you want students to learn. Students have to be accountable on what they do so as a teacher you know what they have done and have met the objective. Since I work with pre kindergarten it is hard in the beginning of the year. But by mid year I can have students draw a picture of what they did or those that are writing can write what they did. I also think that while changing workstations I can ask students that worked with technology what they did. I looked at studyladder and I liked the games that it had available. For the ipods I liked the animal counting, the abc tracing and the art of glow app. That station will have 3 to 4 students and each student will have their own ipod. In the beginning I will let students explore the ipod and they will be able to pick what they do. After they have explored I will have a sheet with several icons that they will be able to choose from. After they are done with the station I will ask them what they did and mid year they will write or draw what they did. Another way that I could use them in the classroom would be to take pictures of different activities we do in the classroom or also videos of good examples in the classroom.