Monday, July 1, 2013

Tool # 9

It is important to have an objective with technology because it is easier to assess what students have accomplished and as a teacher you have a goal on what you want students to learn. Students have to be accountable on what they do so as a teacher you know what they have done and have met the objective. Since I work with pre kindergarten it is hard in the beginning of the year. But by mid year I can have students draw a picture of what they did or those that are writing can write what they did. I also think that while changing workstations I can ask students that worked with technology what they did. I looked at studyladder and I liked the games that it had available. For the ipods I liked the animal counting, the abc tracing and the art of glow app. That station will have 3 to 4 students and each student will have their own ipod. In the beginning I will let students explore the ipod and they will be able to pick what they do. After they have explored I will have a sheet with several icons that they will be able to choose from. After they are done with the station I will ask them what they did and mid year they will write or draw what they did. Another way that I could use them in the classroom would be to take pictures of different activities we do in the classroom or also videos of good examples in the classroom.

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